European Blockchain Foundation

Where EU-citizens, corporations and governments meet Blockchaintechnology.

Information & Inspiration for EU citizens

Informing and inspiring European citizens about the possibilities of blockchain technology. As bottom-up organisation we’ll unite all sorts of Blockchain initiatives and give them a forum.

Influence decision makers

Influence policy makers on positive decision-making towards blockchain initiatives at European level and in the specific EU countries. This is done on the basis of joint standpoints that have been discussed and supported in the foundation.

Connecting organizations & people

Unifying organizations that handle & develop blockchain technology. Both companies and non-profit organizations. This offers the opportunity to take joint positions at European level on social issues associated with this new technology.


Conducting studies that generate data for policy makers, blockchain players and citizens. Based on these studies, reports and recommendations will follow to promote the development of Blockchain Technology in the European Union.  We’ll do this in synergy with existing initiatives in this area, such as universities and the European Blockchain Observatory & Forum.

224 EU



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European Blockchain Foundation just started and is in full expansion.  We are welcoming Blockchain enthousiast from all EU countries in our project.  More Team Members to be announced soon.

Bart Brands

President European Blockchain Foundation

The Netherlands

Bert Schelfhout

Vice – president European Blockchain Foundation


Tim Gerding

Boardmember European Blockchain Foundation

The Netherlands

Danny van de Griend

Boardmember European Blockchain Foundation

The Netherlands

Yuri van Geenen

Boardmember European Blockchain Foundation

The Netherlands

Faisal Mirza

Boardmember European Blockchain Foundation

The Netherlands

Latest News

Visit to the Dutch Parliament

The 8th of June we visited the Dutch Parliament with our partners MustangChain and Tradebits Exchange to present the view of real companies trying to build blockchainbusinesses in the Netherlands.[…]

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10 Juni 2018 0

Chairman EBF explains Blockchain to Dutch Liberal Party, VVD

Saturdaymorning the 9th of June, Bart Brands, CSIP, Chairman of the European Blockchain Foundation, spoke at the VVD Finance day at Stalhouderij de Zadelhoff in Breukelen, Holland. As Chairman, Bart[…]

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9 Juni 2018 0

EBF speaking at conference of Dutch Liberal party

On Saturday June 9th our Chairman Bart Brands, CSIP is invited to speak on the Day of Finances for the Dutch liberal party VVD Netwerk on the potential impact of[…]

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5 Juni 2018 0

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EBF was founded

In may 2018 European Blockchain Foundation was founded by Bart Brands, Bert Schelfhout, Tim Gerding, Yuri van Geenen, Danny van de Griend en Faisal Mirza.