About Us

The EBF is a non-profit organization that aims to connect governments, corporations and EU-citizens with blockchain technology.

One of our goals is to a create a blockchain friendly ecosystem in Europe by closely working with regulators.

The Foundation is focused on informing the population about the technology as there is still a lack of deep understanding of how it works. We mentioned that when speaking to politicians about the Blockchain and Bitcoin, the conversation usually goes to money laundering, terrorism or the Dark Web. The majority of money that has been laundered is happened more in fiat currencies globally through banks. It is almost like the law makers and policy makers have had these arguments against cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology drilled into them.

Currently regulations are still tough to question, as if a politician promises to deregulate the cryptocurrency market, this may end up being regulated anyway. Regulations must be influenced in a way that must honours the intent of the inventors of the Blockchain technology. Its decentralisation and peer-to-peer features is used to cut out third party transactions so it stays free.

The cryptocurrency market is on its way to mass adoption, after downturns in the financial side of Blockchain technology. Applications have been continued developing constantly and is expected to bring new ways of using and thinking about money.